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The unilateral declaration of Independence and disassociation of the Australia branch from the RLIRA has been accepted and a new branch has been formed in its stead titled "The ANZAC BRANCH of THE RLIRA". The Interim Committee of the ANZAC Branch consists of: Chairman: John Essex-Clark Secretary: Jimmy Swan Treasurer: Richard 'Granny' Johnson Membership coordinator: Ian Macfarlane Welfare: Quentin Fourie Ex-Services coordination: Mickey Michaelis

This Interim Committee of the ANZAC Branch will follow the constitutional process to properly form the Committee of the Branch.' Note from the Chairman RLIRA – Ian Buttenshaw We are delighted that a bunch of Ex RLI Members have got together to resuscitate a Branch of the RLI Regimental Association in Australia/New Zealand. It is great to have them back in the Global Team and the formation of the Interim ANZAC Branch in the last week is really good news for all of us, and we look forward to your first AGM and your coming back into our Global Network, particularly in our 50th Anniversary year, and hope some of you can attend the UK/Europe Branch Anniversary Weekend in September. The Global RLIRA has brought back the old "Band of Brothers" who fought in RLI for Rhodesia and it is really necessary that we all stay together; the 50th Anniversary Reunion in South Africa illustrated our Brotherhood as I am sure the UK Event in September will do. What we need is the close togetherness that we had when we served in our great Battalion, so having our Australian/New Zealand ouens determined to be back with us is great. Welcome back into the RLI Brotherhood, may the new ANZAC Branch prosper and develop, you have the full support of ExCo. Let the Saints Go Marching On