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Rhodesian Light Infantry
Regimental Association


Dear All,

Happy and Healthy New Year to all our members. I am so sorry this news letter is so late arriving after promising to make contact with everybody after the March in Bedford last year.

In this letter I intend to spell out the situation with the Association within the UK, bring you up to date with the worldwide happenings, the UK up coming events, the museum, most importantly the finances and lastly membership fee’s.
Well here we go, this feels very strange as I have not written a news letter for two years. However because of the personnel contact of functions etc the time seems to have flown past, I would like to take you back to2012 which was an excellent year for us with record over sea’s visitors to the museum, but as with every thing else2013 seemed to dry up as the recession seemed to bite every where and this was very noticeable with the attendance figures down at both the July Braai and the march. In November I also left the RAFA Club as a fulltime employee also as some of you will be aware my computer was hacked and all my e-mail address at martyn.hudson2@btinternet.com  became defunct, please note my new address is maryandmartyn@gmail.com  therefore the flow of mail slowed down after this happened. I also believe members have moved and not passed on new address or e-mail address, so we need to pass on this news letter to every RLI member you know irrespective of the fact that you think I may have sent to them, and I need everybody that did not receive the letter direct from me to make contact to enable me to re build the data base, I would also like everybody’s residential address.
This year we have lots planned starting with a Prayer Meeting at the Museum with some light entertainment. There will be no cover charge donations only. This is to take place 29th March 1.00pm onwards, this will allow the regular club members to depart and give us free access to the museum all afternoon. There will be a cook on duty for light /basket meals.

July Braai in Derby weekending 26th/27th July this will be a special year with John Edmunds singing some of you may have heard him previously.
It is the RLI intention to cut back on the museum exhibits at this function and have an indoor shooting range, we have already acquired air rifles and air soft hand guns for the minors, this will need to be strictly controlled. We will be looking for volunteer’s to staff this event. ( it cannot be left to the usual few as it is their weekend too). Clive Bloor from the Rhodesian Air force Association has kindly offered to print the targets and has come up with some wonderful idea’s for these!! STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL in the SHOOTING RANGE.
Last year we did not have a formal AGM, therefore after speaking with Shaun Ryan the Branch Chairman, we have decided to hold a RLI function at the Statue this year over the weekend 6th/7th September the following is the suggestion thus far -
Saturday 6th September arrive Commet Hotel Hatfield one night package March to the Statue pm (approx 4pm )
Evening Service followed by
Services of local Brass Band providing selection of music
Beers and cold drinks available on presale only
The perfect evening setting
This will be followed by a Disco at the Hotel and the AGM for members.
Guests from other Associations will be made very welcome, no seating or marquees will be on site due to expence, please feel free to bring deck chairs etc.
Approximate cost £15.00 per person based on fifty people attending. Subject to booking, we should hopefully get a good deal from the hotel, so once you have confirmed interest and we have the numbers it will be up to you to book your room on a dinner bed and breakfast basis. Sorry no tickets on the day, payment will be expected at least six weeks prior to the function. (mid June). This should be a great occasion and the first RLI function for two years.
This years Remembrance falls on Sunday 9th November and the plan is after the Parade the function will be at The North End Club again same as last year, as it was felt we were made very welcome and well looked after. There will not be a formal luncheon but a full buffett will be organised, costs to follow in next news letter.
We will be looking for volunteers to carry the colours and lay the wreath new faces please.

Name Badges
Some of you will have noticed the magnetic type of RLI name badges that some of the Committee are wearing these were made in RSA, however I have found a man that can manufacture them in the UK, they are £5.00 each but we need to order 100 to make it viable. We are all getting older and it is hard to recognise one another so this is a perfect opportunity, send your cheque and the name spelt as you want it to the address at the end of this letter.

The Museum is still looking as spectacular as ever, we have recently acquired several new items, due to this it is about to be revamped, and hopefully it will be ready for March. But like always funding is a problem, the rent paid, however there is a lot of maintenance required some of the cabinets we bought in the early days need replacing. Items come up for sale that we would like to purchase it would be nice to have a kitty to do that also the Statue is in urgent need of looking after.

This brings us to the subject of Membership Fee’s we have a core of about twenty people who pay up every year without fail, we currently have nearly four hundred people/members on our mailing list, we need membership money to keep the Association going and to fund new projects.

This year we want to replace the Roll of Honour from the current plagues onto the Statue plinth and have a marble tablet placed on the slope behind, this would be more fitting and easier for ever one to read. This will cost a few thousand pounds it would be great if this could be in place for the September gathering. The plinth has not weathered well it will be re-coated once the Roll of Honour has been removed. The simple answer is we need everyone to PAY your subscription, small donations welcome to keep the Statue as beautiful as its surroundings. PLEASE HELP and support us, we cannot keep relying on the same few people.

Money is raised from merchandise we stil have stocks of
Combat Infantry Badges £10.00 each
RLI Sweetheart Broaches £6.50 each
RLI Lapel Badges £5.00 each
Flame Lilly Large Broach £25.00 each
Flame Lilly Sweet Heart £10.00 each The latter two are one off when they are gone they are gone.
Blazer Badges £14.00 Green or Black backing
Selection of RLI shirts and jackets

African Commando book
Hard Back £40.00
Soft Back £30.00
50th Anniversary Cheetahs £ 5.00

I think I have rattled long enough we need to get the Association working for us again and that requires everybody to be involved.
RSA Branch under Billy Wiggill and team are doing a wonderful job out there and meet frequently at The Dickie Fritz Moth Shell Hole in Edenvale Joburg.
If you are planning a journey out there make contact to find out when the next meeting is and join the RSA Branch for a cold Castle or two you will be made very welcome.

Bank Details for Subs and payment
NatWest Sort Code 60 -02-13
Account no 62234145
Cheques to Martyn Hudson
1 Park View Road
NN12 6AL
Kind Regards

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