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1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association ®



Service with the Rhodesian Light Infantry, the comradeship, the shared stresses and hardships in training and combat, and the shared loss of mates has left an indelible mark on the lives of many who served with the Regiment. The task of Infantry can be expressed as follows:

'Infantry is the only element of an army that closes with the enemy, man to man, kills or captures him, seizes and holds ground and repels attack regardless of the time, season, weather or terrain. The infantryman’s task is total; there are no limits, other than the capability and endurance of the human body, to what an infantryman is expected to do.'

There is no doubt that many warriors, who met the demands of Infantry and shared life and saw death together, bond irrevocably, and that after many leave the service, the residue of old comradeships course through the blood and spirit of those men and their teams. So, the formation of a 'society' is as inevitable as life and death itself.

This bond led to the initial formation of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association. Time and distance dislocated the bond temporarily, but the spirit of the men and the comradeship of the past inevitably kicked in and the Association has again been reformed.

There is no doubt that some men, through the horror of the 'kill or be killed' of combat, unnatural activities in a Christian society, have found it difficult to adjust to normal life and have fallen to the tensions and stresses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by combat, and experienced the subsequent psychological disruptions to them, their families and friends. The Association hopes that the bonds created by mutual service and past teamwork together, will enable us to help these men by spiritual healing through good humour and the constant support of warm friendship and understanding.

The Association can only prosper and provide value to its members through the sustained effort of those who once served with, or supported, the Rhodesian Light Infantry. The Association has a simple goal:

'The maintenance of the bonds of friendship, support and comfort, created by the memory of shared service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry.'