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Dear Member / Friend

It is with regret that we advise you of the death of Anton Keown. Anton died as a result of an armed assault after leaving his place of work on Tuesday 3 December 2013, in Wadeville, Gauteng, South Africa.

Anton was a PTI at the RLI gymnasium in the late 1970's. Anton is survived by wife Debbie and daughter Cayley.

We extend our sincere condolences to Debbie, the family and friends of Anton.

Please note that there will be a Memorial service for Anton at 15h00 on Monday 9 December at the St. Andrews School for Girls. The address is in St Andrews St. Bedfordview, Gauteng for those who would like to say farewell to a comrade in arms.

Kind regards
Billy Wiggill

Be gentle with the warrior
Who gave his life
Then and now
To the war machine
So that you might stand
With placard in hand
Fearing no repercussion
Ending in death

See not the faces of the worn
By the flame in their eyes
Still burning with the belief in their nation
Do not extinguish it
With fraises of false accusations
Those that fight need no such politics
For they gave their all for those they love
For a chance
To feel the wind of freedom
On the faces of the children
Who come after them
Knowing they gave what others could not
And in the giving
Freed us all

Anne-Marie Spittle