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I regret to inform you that I was called this evening (November 19, 2012) by Gloria Swart, wife of Boet Swart, to inform me that Boet passed away in the Bloemfontein Military Hospital earlier this evening of what I understand to be heart failure. Boet and Gloria lived in Kimberley. Gloria will be in Bloemfontein tomorrow taking care of matters regarding Boet’s passing. I will call her tomorrow evening to obtain more details, including funeral arrangements if possible and then revert to you. Eddy, as you know Boet was initially an army officer and then a Squadron Leader in the Air force where he commanded the PTS. He then left the armed forces, later returning to the army where he was 2IC of the RLI and then 2IC of the Selous Scouts. Boet joined the SADF in 1980.

Boet would have been about 84.

Pat Armstrong (RhArmy)

My deepest sympathies to the family on the passing away of Boet. I had the honour of commencing my career at the parachute school No 1 PTS under his command. He was a man of great humour but only expected the best of those who served in his command.

Rest well Boet and may there be Blue Sky’s and no wind for you to carry on.

Charlie Buchan
Ex Trg officer
No 1 PTS
New Sarum.

Then the march to end all marches
As the warriors of old give it their all
As if their youth had revisited them
And the streets are lined with the grateful
And those who came for their own reasons
And the waves follow them
Lapping gently at their heels
Until every space is filled outside the place of Royalty
And then the beast of war awakens
And flies over as it did in the days of need
Red petals cascade upon the watchers
And a nations heart opens
Filling the air
And says thank you

Ann-Marie Spittle