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Dear Member / Friend

Brian Douglas Authers 8 July 1947 – 9 June 2011

It is with deep regret that we advise you of the passing away of Brian Authers yesterday (Thursday 9 June 2011) in Gauteng.

The Association extends our sincere condolences to Lynn, son Mike and daughter Tracey. Also to all

Brian's comrades in arms, family and friends at this tragic and untimely loss

The wall brings us together. The wall keeps us apart, A granite demarcation of our lives and of our hearts. It rises from the depths of dust and to the dust returns A focus of reflection for those who come to yearn.

At this wall of pained remembrance, we together stand alone Reflecting on the names of those etched deep within the stone Reflecting on what we've become from what we left behind, Memories etched in flesh and stone, forever intertwined.

Names set deep in granite are forever meant to last Reflections change and fade away in journeys to the past, Fleeting life and ageless death join at this sombre pall. And once more we are brothers as we gather at the wall.

(Brain Cowan)