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1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association ®




Date of Birth: 15/08/1956
Died: 01/08/1981
Place of Birth: Bulawayo, Rhodesia
Attested into the RLI: 13/05/1973
Sgt. David J Riekert BCR 726202
1956 – 1981

“Dave was the first friendship that I formed in the RLI after he gave me FN weapons drill at the Camp Hospital (I hadn’t completed basics but was needed at FF Enterprise to help in the MRU). He was a kind and principled man but there was also a wild and mischievous quality in him, which resulted in many humorous incidents in the short time that I knew him. He was a highly respected soldier and medic who earned himself his Bronze Cross of Rhodesia for gallantry at the age of nineteen. He left the Rhodesian army in mid 1980 after being offered a job in the USA as a personal medic to a multi millionaire, only to return a year later and rejoin the newly formed 1st Zimbabwe Commando Battalion. On 1st August 1981 Dave died in a shooting accident, which was reported as a Russian roulette death. RIP buddy.”

Skippy Michell