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Dear Member / Friend

It is with regret and sadness that we inform you of the passing away of George Moffat. George died at about 21h00 last night in the UK and has been suffering for some time.

George is survived by his wife Alison, daughter Shannon and grandchildren Tiffany, Courtney, Teagen and Tyler.

Our sincere condolences go to Alison, the family and George's many friends. George was in 1 Commando, 1 RLIRA in the early days.


I feel I must write this, in the trust that we who served in the RLI and who knew George can spend a few minutes on the website and / or through face book links, to honour him by writing up a little piece each so that Allison, family and friends can appreciate how much we all mean to each other.

I was quite close to George whilst he served in I Commando in the earlier days and where both George and I experienced the death of friend, Tony Brading, in the same contact on Op Birch on the Hunyane River. George had many better friends than me. I had much respect for George especially where I witnessed his stamina and resilience where required. George was not a large person but he was as tough as nails. George and I rekindled something of our friendship over the past 2 years here in the UK where once again George showed his stamina, resilience and toughness in fighting for his life. He succumbed eventually but what a battle he fought. Allison and his entire family and friends (many of them RLI) stood by George in his hour of need.

George was cremated at Enfield Crematorium, London on Wednesday 17th July 2013, after a very moving chapel service surrounded by a typical British summer garden setting.

George had a good send off. It was most appropriate that the final piece was Louis Armstrong singing ‘Oh When the Saints go Marching In’.

George always had a yearning to return to Zimbabwe one day, but sadly he did not make it in this life time, however his daughter has promised to scatter Georges ashes in Zimbabwe, no doubt at or near the Zambezi river. This will complete George’s journey.

Deryck Stokes

Then the march to end all marches
As the warriors of old give it their all
As if their youth had revisited them
And the streets are lined with the grateful
And those who came for their own reasons
And the waves follow them
Lapping gently at their heels
Until every space is filled outside the place of Royalty
And then the beast of war awakens
And flies over as it did in the days of need
Red petals cascade upon the watchers
And a nations heart opens
Filling the air
And says thank you

Ann-Marie Spittle