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Dear Member / Friend,

We regret to announce the death of John Coleshaw. John passed away last week. The Association extends our sincere condolences to Connaire, Gareth, Meghan, Jenny and the family and friends of John.

John we believe served in 2 Commando. May he now rest?

Kind regards
Billy Wiggill

Phantoms of countless lost!
Invisible to the rest, henceforth become my companions!
Follow me ever! desert me not, while I live.

Sweet are the blooming cheeks of the living! sweet are the musical voices sounding! But sweet, ah sweet, are the dead, with their silent eyes.

Dearest comrades! all is over and long gone;
But love is not over - and what love, O comrades!
Perfume from battle-fields rising - up from foetor arising.

Perfume therefore my chant, O love! immortal Love!
Give me to bathe the memories of all dead soldiers,
Shroud them, embalm them, cover them all over with tender pride!

Perfume all! make all wholesome!
Make these ashes to nourish and blossom,
O love! O chant! solve all, fructify all with the last chemistry.

Give me exhaustless - make me a fountain,
That I exhale love from me wherever I go, like a moist perennial dew,
For the ashes of all dead soldiers.
Walt Whitman(1819-1892)