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Dear Member / Friend

Sad new's. Trp Josh McGrath 14 Troop, 3 Commando, 1977-79 died on 7th Feb 2008 after a long illness. He leaves behind a son and daughter. Josh & Danielle. If you knew Josh or served in the Rhodesian forces and would like to leave a message for Josh and Danielle please go to www.solimine.com select obituaries click on Josh McGrath you can then read the obituary written by his family and see a recent picture of him. Click on his guestbook and leave your message. Josh lived up to his own high moral standards all through his life.

I was lucky enough to go over to his house on 3 or 4 occasions just before his illness. He met me at Swampscot station the first time in over 25 years his first words were "Hey Elvis" (my hair before the barber of Cranbourne got hold of me) "you can cut that Limey hand shaking sh*t out and give me a hug man" We got to his house about 3pm and sat at his kitchen table just drinking beers,talking and reliving Rhodesia untill well into the next morning, it was just like 2 brother's meeting again his house was my house just like that.

Josh was a great man respected by all who knew him (so long as you did not have an AK47 in your hand's) I salute you Josh Your friend and ex-troopie Jim.

Dear Chaps,

Below you will find a most recent picture of Josh McGrath and James Eagle. The picture was taken by a relatively recent visit by James Eagle to the states. The picture clearly demonstrates the special bond that RLI men share. I have little doubt that this was probably one of the greatest days for both Josh, and James in recent years.

Just thought that you fine men of the RLI, could appreciate the bond that these two saints share/shared.

According to Josh and James these two sat at the kitchen table and talked from one day into the next. Family members and neighbors came and went, the hours flew by and seemed like minutes but nothing could keep these two from enjoying each others company. No one will ever realize the bond that these two shared unless of course you're a Rhodesian light infantry man yourself.

A celebration of his life is taken place at this moment so hoist a beer and bid farewell to Josh. For those of you who don't indulge in alcoholic beverages raise a cup of tea and bid a Saint farewell.


Rich Byrne

Josh McGrath and James Eagle.