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Dear Member / Friend

Pete de Villiers, ex 1RLI, Brady and Cranborne, was admitted to hospital last weekend.

Folks, it is with deep regret that I write to inform that Pete de Villiers passed away in Sunninghill Hospital this afternoon, following completely unexpected post operative complications. (Saturday 14th April 2012)

As soon as we’re aware of funeral arrangements, I’ll put out an appropriate sitrep.

Will Eddy Norris and Bill Wiggill please use their portals to broadcast the sad news too?

Gus Mason

From: Bugs Moran [mailto:toghwe70@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 03 April 2012 20:39
To: Martyn Hudson
Subject: RE: Pete De Villiers

Dear Martyn, thanks for the info on Pete I knew him at the Cpl’s Club KGV1 in 1971-3 and later saw him at Turfontein many years later when I stayed in Joburg.


My Friend
By Alf Hutchison

Please walk a while with me my friend,
Along life’s beach which has no end,
Beside its oceans ebbs and flow,
That special place where true friends go.

Hold my hand and watch the sea,
And wonder why all birds fly free;
Your inner soul may ask you ‘why’?
Don’t shed a tear, no time to cry,

For God made every grain of sand,
He made it bold, He made it grand,
He made it thus, that you and me,
Might wonder for eternity.

If I love you, and you love me,
Then surely it was destiny,
That you and I should be as one,
To sail into that setting sun.

But for the while just be my friend,
My love for you will never end;
For time will set, of that I’m sure…
Our sails towards God’s heavenly shore.