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Dear Member / Friend


It is with regret that we inform you of the passing away of Pete Lang (ex 1 CDO)

Pete died on Thursday 16th December after suffering a heart attack (On the South Coast-KZN)

Our sincere condolences to Pete's family and mates. We remember him well.

Kind Regards Bill Wiggill CEO

Life’s contract and death is expected As in a season of autumn The soldier falls He does not become a three days personage Imposing his separation Calling for pomp

Death is absolute and without memorial As in a season of autumn when the wind stops

"Wallace Stevens"

Pete was born on the 9 January, 1953 in Pretoria, South Africa. He was educated at Umtali Boys High School and matriculated in 1969

Pete is survived by Carol, Valerie, Adrian and Kelvin


Peter was born in Pretoria, RSA, on January, 9th 1953

In 1959, the Lang family left SA and settled in Salisbury, Rhodesia. Soon moving to Ruwa, 20kms from Salisbury to start farming. Peter attended Courtney Selous School and then graduated from Umtali Boys’High From an early age he showed an investigative mind and displayed above average intelligence.

Peter wanted to be a Game Ranger or District Commissioner on leaving school but was “persuaded” to join the army and ended up loving it. Peter was never happier than when he was in the bush.

He joined the RLI One Commando in 1971 and signed up for 5 years. He seldom spoke about his experiences in the bush war, always returning home happy and smiling to his family. In later years, he spoke of his sadness and loss of Pete White and Doug Cookson in 1976, during the war.

On leaving the army, Peter joined Kim’s Fencing. The fencing company also gave Peter the bush life. There were big contracts, border fencing and the biggest was around a huge prison near Gwelo, which took months.

Peter met Clare Craney in August 1971 and they married on December 18th, 1976. Sadly, they divorced in 1978, but Clare has remained close to the family ever since and remains part of our family today.

Peter moved to Goromonzi, on Binda Estate, which he loved and he continued to work for Kim’s fencing for many years. He was in Botswana in 1980 and lived on a beautiful property, rented from Jackie Khama, daughter to Seretse and Ruth Khama. It was a tranquil place, surrounded by African bush and wildlife. Peter often went up and down the nearby river in his motored boat, with his beloved Staffordshire dogs on board and would relate the beauty of nature, animals, wildlife and the stars.

Peter loved the stars, planets and galaxies in the Cosmos. He was fascinated by all new findings from the Hubble Space Telescope and had a tremendous and valued knowledge on the subject.

Peter moved to Empangeni in 1983 to work. Work became limited and he moved to Johannesburg in 1985 to share an apartment with his sister, Val, in Primrose Hill, Germiston. It was the first time Peter was confined to apartment living but it was two years of magic and delight of being together. The two of them had so much fun and were forever in trouble for loud music, parties and laughter!

Peter moved to the West Rand in 1987, a larger property and more in line to open space! He just seemed to attract the neighbouring animals to join his family of dogs and aviary of birds. One being a horse, who would knock on his kitchen door, until Peter opened it, and the horse would comfortably settle in his lounge! Peter would just sit back and laugh, so heartily!

In 1988, Peter moved to Richards Bay and worked for RJ Southey. He loved his work and was a conscientious and loyal employee. He formed many close friendships there, always treasuring his friends.

In August 2010, Peter’s family got together with him in Amanzimtoti for the most wonderful reunion in a lifetime. It was a time of joy and laughter that each of us will remember for the rest of our lives. Peter was so happy. Kelvin and Val then spent a further week with him in his beautiful home in Richards Bay. He was so proud of his home.

Peter decided to take early retirement as of December 2010. His plan was to take his Ford bakkie, caravan and Nancy, his dog, to travel around the African bush. This was his lifetime dream. He was to stop in and see friends and head onto Namibia.

Sadly, Peter passed away on December 16th 2010.

Peter will always be remembered for his happy, cheerful and positive attitude to life. His enormous sense of humour, love for people and animals and loyalty to his family and friends. He was always kind and caring, never hurting a soul. He always said that he was a “soldier” and loved and respected the RLI.

His family and friends were very blessed for having known and loved a very special person on this earth. He was the most loving, dear and kind brother to sister, Carol (Pretoria) sister, Val (USA), brother Adrian (Australia), brother Kelvin (Scotland), nieces, nephews, friends, colleagues at RJ Southey and special RLI friends.

Peter was an extraordinary person and will never be forgotten. May God Bless your special sole Peter, rest in peace, we will meet again.