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Terry was born in Plymouth England 27 November 1948. Terry was schooled at Milton High School in Bulawayo. In 1966 he joined 1 Commando. Terry was later transferred as a Corporal to C Company at Llewellyn Barracks.

He was promoted to Sergeant at the beginning of 1972 and in 1974 transferred to the School of Infantry, Gwelo as Colour Sgt. Terry was promoted to WOII and posted back to RLI late in 1977.

Terry returned to the School in 1979 where he took a Commission and was later promoted to Captain prior to and emigrating at the end of April 1982.

We went to Umtata and worked for Uncle Ron Reid-Daly in the Transkei Defence Force along with the rest of the team that was deployed there. This was until 1984!

After the Transkei Terry took a Management position in Bankor (Trust Bank) in Durban. After a few years he moved on to the Edgars group in Durban doing the same kind of work at all their shops. He took a transfer to Johannesburg in the early '90's and worked for Edcon. In about 1995 Terry joined JHI and looked after their huge buildings in different areas in the Jo'burg area.

Outside of work he was a keen bowler and belonged to the Zoo Lake Bowls Club. His training capability came in good use because and was always on hand to teach new players and Terry greatly enjoyed it. This year (2011) he was going to play in the League!

Terry passed away on the 25th December 2010 in Johannesburg

Our sincere condolences to his brother Chris, Karen and children Dean and Ashleigh. Our thoughts are with you and your friends at the sad loss and of another RLI soldier gone to his rest.


Terry (62) was ex 1Cdo, School of Infantry (WO2) and brother to Chris.

It seems that in life there are certain times

Which are more than "simply unfair?"

When our hearts search out for better answers

But cannot seem to find them there

And such is the case at your passing

Contemplating the briefness of your life

All the great things that you still would have done

If you'd been granted a little more time

Your efforts will impact generations

Through lives saved, and all the good you did

Truly...you were OUR HERO

And we all thank God that you lived