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BLUDNUTT was one hell of a guy. A simple man, Terry Vice was born in South Africa and grew up on a farm in Zambia where he grew to love and appreciate the African bush, fauna and animals. As a teenager his family moved to Rhodesia and in time Terry was called up into the Rhodesian Army to do his national service at the age of 17. Very early on it was discovered that this quiet man had an amazing inner strength and his ability to track the enemy was amazing. it was also noted that his head got sunburned quite easily as his hair was very thin (from a ringworm cure that damaged the hair roots) Hense the name BLUDNUTT. It was said his reputation went before him as a soldier. He spent 4 years in One Commando in the Rhodesian Light Infantry and two Years in the Selous Scouts. He was fluent in the Shona language and lead a stick of men right from the get go. His final job in the army was as Tracking Instructor at Wafa Wafa on Lake Kariba.

Terry and his wife emigrated to South Africa on a 3 year plan to get to Canada in August 1980. Although he had started an apprenticeship with Crasters he managed to get called up under the new Government and join in the big anti-poaching op with the RLI before leaving the new Zimbabwe.

In South Africa he took up an apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner and in his first exams he got 99%. He was on his way. Upon graduation as a tradesman he was promoted to Assistant Training Engineer. However he and Jane decided to stick to thier original plan and be on their way to Canada within 3 years and left in September 1983. Terry worked as a top of the line precision Machinist in Canada for many years. He also renovated a couple of houses as he enjoyed carpentery, plumbing, tiling and generally fixing up houses. In 1989-1990 the family (they had 2 boys a baby ,Andrew and a toddler,Kevin) returned to South Africa for 11 months. They got jobs, bought a house in Umhlanga Rocks and enjoyed living by the ocean for 11 months.

However they returned to Canada. In time they bought a log home on Shuswap lake for holidays in the bush and gave the kids "african summers" barefoot, generators and mopeds as well as one of the best beaches in Canada...all at the end of a dirt road so it was, and is still quite remote. In 2002 Terry passed away at the age of 47. He spent the last few years dealing with a previously unknown genetic disease Adrenoleukodystrophy. This awful sickness took everything from him over a period of 6 years, but he still had a smile in his eyes until the end. We'll remember you Bludnutt. Oh and have a cold one for you too!!

Hold onto what is good even if it is a handful of dust, Hold onto what you believe even if it is a tree which stands alone, Hold onto what you must do even if it is a long way from here Hold onto my hand even when I am gone away from you.....

(An old Pueblo Indian saying)

Jane Vice e-mail janevice@gmail.com