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Dear Member / Friend

It is with sadness and regret that we inform you of the death of Trevor Hodgson BCR. MFC (Operational)

Trevor died yesterday (Monday 18/11/2013) from heart failure while travelling with his sister Kate.

Trevor is survived by wife Marilia and children Robyn and Joshua. The Association extends are sincere condolences to Trevor’s family, mother Marge and siblings Percy, Jacqui and Kate and to his friends and old Comrades in arms. Trevor served at one time with 2 Commando and more recently on contract in Iraq.

Trevor has suffered for some time now and we say Rest in Peace old friend.

Billy Wiggill

“Take some time every now and then
Think back and say ‘I remember when’
You were as brothers you and they
Sent by your country into the fray
To a land of sun, dried dirt and dust
Where dollars may rent loyalty, but you built trust
Where from flowering death they eek out a living
Or take what they can from whoever is giving
You carried all you needed on aching back
Tabbing mile on mile awaiting the crack
As from a mile away a sniper takes you
Or the land beneath erupts to break you
Now you’re at home and carrying on
While others you knew they’re now gone
Their laughter is missed but their faces you spy
When asleep or briefly out the corner of an eye
So growing older don’t let memories soften
Drink to their names, let them cross your lips often
For all the stone and the brass, it counts for ‘ought
If we forget the names of those that fought.”

(John Bailey)
Please pass on my very deepest condolences to the family but in particular to Percy.

I last saw Trev in Baghdad when he came to our compound to look me up. I have so many great memories of times in the bush and Mount Darwin with him and of course on Fire Force….. a fantastic soldier and a good friend to all who knew him.

So sad.

Kindest regards.
Fraser (Brown)

From: Simon Willar

This is very sad news. When I arrived in 2 Cdo as a Troopie in '75 I held Trevor in awe one of the most professional soldiers and operators I have ever met.

Indeed – Hodgson was a manne when I arrived in 2 Cdo – your sergeant as I recall Graeme?

Mike Rich

Might have been the Troop sergeant, but I was never in doubt who commanded the troop - and it wasn't me!



I still cannot get over the passing of this larger than life character.

I first met Trevor when I was a recruit in Training Troop when he, as an instructor, "fished" me out of a river that I was attempting to cross whilst on classical war exercise. I plunged in, and with all my kit on, just went straight to the bottom. End result was a cold and pissed off instructor and a severely chastised recruit. But I was eternally grateful as had he not been there, there is no doubt in my mind, I would have just been another "training casualty" I then had the privilege of working with Trevor as a Troopie in 2 Cdo where he was held in awe. He was one of those junior NCOs’ who never raised his voice, just quietly got on with the job on hand, and was respected by all. I came across him on numerous occasions over the intervening years and he just never seemed to age. A tragic loss for all of us.

Best wishes
Rick (van Malsen)