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Wayne was born on 11 January 1960 at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury, Rhodesia

He attended Marandellas High School and from high School joined the Rhodesian Army (RLI-2 Cdo) in 1977 where he remained until the disbanding of the RLI in 1980. During his service Wayne was called upon to pose for the commissioned memorial of the RLI known as the ‘Troopie’’ statue. The statue is now set and maintained on Lord Salisbury’s property at Hatfield House in England in all its splendour. Below is a report segment from the rededication of the Troopie:

"The Marquis of Salisbury then unveiled the Trooper Statue with NIMROD played by the buglers of the Rifles Band. Wreaths of Flame Lilies were laid at the base of the statue by the Marquis of Salisbury, Colonel Charlie Aust and the Chairmen of the United Kingdom branch (Martyn Hudson assisted by Mark Pilbeam), the South African branch (George Dempster) and Australian members (Shaun Ryan). This was followed by the playing and marching of the Rifles Band and Buglers who gave a stirring performance including a rendition of 'The Saints'."

When Wayne left the army immigrated to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and worked for his Uncle for a while before he left to travel the world. He worked his way around and finally settled in England where he qualified as a Chef, he lived there for about 11 years and returned to South Africa about 14 years ago and, for the most part, lived in Pretoria, Gauteng since returning. He never really settled to one career but cooking was his passion and in addition to working as a Chef he dabbled in graphic design and loved nothing more than dreaming up designs and writing some hilarious if irreverent poetry to keep the family entertained and as with most poets and artists was a true free spirit. He never married and has no children.

Wayne passed away in Pretoria on the 20 December 2010.