Report Back from call sign “Delta Lima” 07/2022

Lt Col I R Bate

Greetings one and all. Trusting this letter finds all members, their families, and close ones in good health. It was with very deep regret that we were informed of the passing of Lt Col I R Bate on the 8th June 2022.

As all will know, Lt Col I “Tufty” R Bate served as Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion the Rhodesian Light Infantry from 26th June 1978 until 3rd December 1979.

Troopie Clean Up 31 July 2022

A big shout out to John Ashburner and the clean up team of Ant and Daphne Hunter, Richard Burton, Isle and Peter De Kock for cleaning up the Troopie and surrounding area on Sunday 31st July 2022. 

UK Branch by election - Outcome

A by-election was held for the position of secretary of the UK/EU branch with a call for nominations, followed by an online vote.
Two (2) nominations were received (George Dempster & Gary Huxham). Gary withdrew due to health concerns.  
Members were requested to vote for George or AN Other. Forty (40) members voted in favour of George with no opposing votes.
We wish to thank Neill for his commitment over the years while welcoming George as the new branch secretary.
Brian Lewis

UK / EU Branch - Treasury Notifications
from the Treasurer
13 & 18 July 2022

for 2023 only Notification to all RLIRA UK/EU branch Members

Treasury-Amendment 1/ 2022

The Following Rules are instituted with immediate effect:

WITHDRAWALS - RLIRA UK/EU branch – NatWest Bank

The Treasury will henceforth sort out standard bank ‘References’’ for all withdrawal / paid out transactions. Example: Prefix ‘Refund’ Suffix ‘60th Dinner. Therefore, bank reference will read Refund-60 Dinner

DEPOSITS - RLIRA UK/EU branch – NatWest Bank:

Accounts Name:     RLIRA

Account Number:  62234145

Sort Code:             60 - 02 - 13

Bic:                          NWBK GB 2L

IBAN:                      GB42 NWBK 6002 1362 2341 45

The Membership and Other Depositors will henceforth use the same logic as above for bank ‘Reference’, for all deposits / paid-in transactions. Example: Prefix ‘SUBS’ Suffix 23 (or other such year) 2 only character numeral). In this case, the bank reference for subs paid in advance for 2023 will read SUBS-23 on the bank statement. Likewise, a donation to the Museum, bank reference will read Donation-Museum etc ; a purchase of Merchandise would read QM-Polo shirt etc .

A fixed date for final receipt of RLIRA UK / EU branch annual subscriptions, in advance into the bank has been set for midnight on the 30 November of each year for the next 3 years, commencing 30 November 2022 for 2023 subscriptions, SUBS-23.

·       Reminders for subscription due by you will be sent out to all members 30days before due and again 14 days before due.

·       In ‘special ’financial’ circumstances only, will a maximum of 2 equal split payments be accepted. The first payment being by 30th November each year SUBS-23/1 and SUBS-23/2 for the second the second being with 60 days of the first.

·       Temporary or Permanent exemption from payment of annual subscriptions will be considered for exceptional financial difficulties only. An e-mail application, justifying the required exemption must be made direct to the RLIRA UK/ EU Branch ‘welfare officer’ 90 days before the 30th of November each year.

Amnesty is in effect immediately until 30th November 2022, for the entire RLIRA UK / EU branch membership for the non-payment of past subs. However, we appeal to all members to ‘volunteer’ to pay any arrear subs. There will be no need for explanation, nor any questions asked about the amounts paid or for which years they apply. This information will remain private and confidential; bank reference is SUBS- Arrears

·        We will accept multiple subs payments in advance for the next 3 years, based on the 2023 rate published in Treasury Amendment 2/ reference to be used is SUBS-23/24/25.  

Deryck Stokes



Treasury-Amendment 2/ 2022

The Following Rules are instituted with immediate effect:

All request for ‘Refund’ for any and all deposits made by members of RLIRA worldwide will not be considered for payment after 31st Aug 2022. This rule does not apply to ‘outsider’ donors.

Deryck Stokes



Treasury-Amendment 3/ 2022

The Following Rules are instituted with immediate effect:

Please direct all financial enquiries, comment and suggestions directly to me, as per details below. You may of course, copy in any committee member of the RLIRA UK/EU branch directly for comment and back-up..

Deryck Stokes



Treasury-Amendment 4/ 2022

The Following subscriptions are increased to cover the overall inflation rate of over 8% in the United Kingdom. We have kept the subs increase to below 6%.

From 1st December 2022 subscriptions for all categories, bar ‘Honorary’ Member’ will be a standard £35.00 per annum per member including the members spouse/partner, children and grandchildren, even family friends at social gatherings. The membership category ‘Family Member’ thus falls away. Included in the £35.00 amount is a welfare levy of £10.00 for 2023 only per annum to be allocated to a the new ‘welfare’ funding project.

Deryck Stokes

Treasury-Amendment 5/ 2022

The following Treasury Amendment 5/2022 is approved for publication/notification by the Chairman.

When any person joins or gets nominated the for membership of the RLIRA UK/EU branch for the first time, the following rules apply immediately. 

  • The appropriate category of membership, as depicted in the RLIRA constitution shall be established by the introducing member and verified by a committee member.
  • It is the duty of the introducing member to establish the bona fides of the applicant.
  • The verifying committee member is to inform all members of the  RLIRA UK/EU branch committee of the bona fides and membership category to be bestowed.
  • The committee members will verify and then act upon the information within their portfolios.

Deryck Stokes


0044 (0) 78389289275 

News & Events

Open Meeting of the RLIRA UK/Eu Branch held at the RAFA Club Bedford on Saturday 2 July 2022 at 1230hrs

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Report Back from call sign “Delta Lima”

Greetings one and all. Trusting this letter finds all members, their families, and close ones in good health.

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