Mike McCabe: 30-04-2024

Richard (Dick) Gledhill: 09-04-2024

It is with deepest regret that we inform you of the passing of Richard “Dick ”Gledhill on the morning of 9th April 2024.

Richard served with honor and distinction in 1 Cdo 1RLI. Richard was born in Kenya in 1951, completed his schooling in the UK, before travelling to Australia. Richard returned to Africa in the mid 1970’s and enlisted as a trooper in 1Cdo 1RLI.

Richard later transferred to the Rhodesian Airforce as a sergeant at the Parachute Training School and instructed Rhodesia’s paratroops. Richard is also well known for the book authored by himself titled “One Commando”.

Braam Kruger: 01-04-2024

Braam (ex 2 commando) passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of 01 April 2024. Paddy his brother was with him when he passed. 

Lawrence Dominique Wentzel: 15-03-2024

Frank Ricardo: 25-02-2024

From Alan Beattie: Sad to hear the passing of long-time friend and comrade Frank Ricardo, Frank died in his sleep on Saturday 24 February, condolences to his children Micheal, Tracy and Craig, and all family and friends. Will now be at peace with Melody, RIP friend.

David Otton:12-02-2024

In Perth Australia after a long illness. Served in 2 commando, intake 150.

Derek H Woods: 05-02-2024

724041 L/Cpl Derek H. Woods (3 Cdo) passed away 05 Feb 2024.

John Moffat: 28-01-2024

Another Saint has been called to the Second Battalion, John Moffat of 1 Cdo RLI passed away yesterday in Durban. Condolences to his wife Tina, son Mathew and daughter Kirsten. RIP. John was the owner of Eire Contractors.

Andre Philip Grobler: 24-01-2024

Andre Philip Grobler, army served in 1 commando during 79/80, recognized as a good man and soldier. André is survived by his wife Mandy and her 2 daughters, his own 2 daughters Sarah and Megan and his brother Clinton and niece Bianca. He died suddenly from a heart attack working in Polokwane, while in the bush, unfortunately there was no medical assistance available. He was truly loved and respected by all who knew him and will be sorely missed. André was a qualified electrician and went to Gifford High School in Bulawayo, was working at Cato Ridge Electrical, Durban. Click here to view Andre’s vale on the RLIRA website.  

John William Barnes: 12-01-2024

John William Barnes, army number 722509 on 12 January 2024. John was a founder member of the battalion in february 1961 and served to Nov 1965. Blessed to have had a peaceful passing at home with his family by his side. John is survived by his daughter Bronwyn and son Ian, himself a 22 year veteran of the British Army. Many thanks. Info supplied by Ian. 

Bundu Peters: 09-01-2024

It was with extreme sadness that I heard this morning of the passing in Durban, South Africa, of a close friend of many years, Patrick ‘Bundu’ Peters. During the latter part of last year, Bundu, as he was known to all who knew him, suffered a devastating stroke which left him entirely paralysed. Fortunately, and after doctors had said there was nothing more they could do for him, his family rallied around and with his wife Maureen, daughter Carmen, brother Jack, and the grandkids they helped Bundu through his difficult times, including feeding, and bathing him. Rather than mourn, perhaps we need to celebrate some of Bundu’s life.
Many years ago, while we were still both in the Selous Scouts, Bundu told me his grandfather had given him the nickname, Bundu, when he was about five years old, and that it had stuck ever since. It was a word used during the African colonial era to describe wilderness, or isolated tracts of bush, as in, ‘He lives way out in the bundu.’ The nickname suited Bundu Peters, and seemed to enhance his vibrant persona with his incredibly infectious sense of humour, and love of facing life head-on and laughing at whatever life threw at him. Throughout the over four decades I knew him I never heard him being referred to by his name Patrick. Ever. It was always Bundu.
While still a schoolboy in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), the country of his birth, Bundu decided he wanted to become a regular Army career soldier, and to that end and immediately after leaving school, he joined the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI), and after passing his recruit phase found himself in 2 Commando, RLI. This obituary is not about any specific unit, but rather about a good and loyal friend to many. Suffice to say, the RLI needs no introduction as a formidable and highly respected fighting machine, which in the defence of the country during Rhodesia’s protracted Bush War, was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.
In time, Bundu decided to transfer to the Selous Scouts, and it was there, in Training Troop, where we first met. At the time, both of us were instructors, so it would have been during the latter part of 1977. Thereafter we became good friends, as did our wives and families. Our kids being toddlers in the garrison married quarters. With Rhodesia ultimately morphing into Zimbabwe in 1980, many of us went our separate ways. Bundu chose to initially join the SADF and moved to their 4 Recce unit.
For my part, I returned to a wildlife career, and although we retained a very loose contact by way of passing greetings to each other via third parties, it wasn’t until January, 2004, that we’d meet up again. This time, in the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq. Both of us were on contract in the close protection field with Erinys Iraq, a British security company contracted to the US DoD, and to be more specific the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).
For the next two years we both worked in Iraq, and in 2004, found ourselves together in the Gulf Region South, albeit on different tasks. Never the less, our R&R dates coincided, and we invariably exited Iraq for South Africa together, via Kuwait and Dubai. Travelling with Bundu was always an experience. Many Erinys personnel who remember Bundu from those days will recall his incredible humour, and laughter. Life to Bundu was one huge joke, and even his brother-in-law, ex-Rhodesian SAS soldier Torty King, who was with an opposition company used to socialise with us whenever Bundu and his Security Escort Team (SET) arrived in Basra.
Unfortunately, in early 2006, the vehicle Bundu was in detonated a landmine and Bundu suffered serious back injuries. Thereafter, and once back in South Africa he underwent surgery but was never able to free himself of the chronic back pain he suffered. Despite this, Bundu continued to look at the bright side of life and in all the time I knew him I never saw him depressed or morose. Bundu’s life philosophy was quite simply, we are here on planet earth to enjoy life to the fullest. He lived by that mantra.
Like many, I was saddened to hear of Bundu’s passing, however, we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge he will now be free of suffering and pain. Our sincerest condolences to Maureen, Carmen, Darrell, Jack, Joan, grandkids, and Torty. RIP old soldier. You will be remembered.
Obituary written by Kev Thomas :

Dirk Koekemoer: 28-12-2023

Dirk passed away in Harare on December 28th. Dirk attended Thornhill High School in Gwelo and joined the RLI when leaving school. Dirk had 2 brothers, Willem, and Nick.  

David Scott-Donelan: 27-12-2023

It is with great sadness that the Scott-Donelan family announces the passing of David who died peacefully on December 27th in Sierra Vista. David was a valiant warrior a proud Rhodesian and American, who lived an extraordinary life of service to others and his determination was matched only by his generosity. Details of a memorial service will be made at a later date. David will be greatly missed and will forever remain in our memories as the warrior declaring 'justice follows'. David was 2ic in 1 commando during 1976.

Mark Adams: 20-12-2023

Captain Joseph Mark Adams (BCR) - 08 April 1953 - 20 December 2023
It is with huge sadness that we announce the passing of Mark at 12h46 on 20 December 2023. Mark faced the challenges of cancer as the true soldier he was and fought to the bitter end. Mark was an inspiration, a leader, a mentor, and a father-figure to many and one of the only officers at 1 Recce Regt that felt comfortable in himself to wear short pants! Mark was a highly successful hurdler, long jumper, and javelin thrower at school, played 1st XV rugby at Rondebosch Boys High, represented WP at Craven Week and at Under 20 level and later played for Rhodesia whilst serving there. Mark was decorated with the BCR (Bronze Cross of Rhodesia) for bravery in 1978 and was held in very high regard by his peers and the very many young lads who passed through his life in the different units he served with aplomb.

A Wake/Memorial will be held at the Mills Bomb Shell hole (Moth Club) 1 Ellcock Road, Warner Beach, Durban, KZN from 12 noon on Saturday 13 January 2024.

Nigel Rittey: 21-10-2023

Nigel sadly passed away after a long and painful illness in Sheffield at about 18h30 on Saturday, 21st October 2023.

Nigel was a founder member of the RLI having joined the Federal Army in January 1961. He completed his recruit course in No 1 Training Unit, at Brady Barracks in Bulawayo.  He was a Private in A Company, RLI when it was formed on 1 February of that year. His Company Commander was Maj Digger Essex-Clarke and the 2IC was the redoubtable Dave Parker. 

Nigel deployed with them to the Northern Rhodesian border later that year. His article on pages 39 and 41 of the 60th anniversary edition of the Cheetah magazine gives details of that exploit and other amusing anecdotes of that period of the development of the unit. In 1962 he moved with the battalion to Cranborne Barracks in Salisbury. He was a L/Cpl in A Coy and MT Cpl in 1Cdo on Op Yodel, before becoming MT Sgt and later RP Sgt. Nigel left the Army in the 70's to pursue a career in the insurance industry. He and his devoted wife Basia moved to South Africa where he played a significant role in the scout movement in Randpark Ridge, Randburg. They had a short spell in Dubai before retiring to the UK. Nigel was deservedly awarded Honorary Life Membership of the RLI Association earlier this year. Nigel leaves his dear wife Basia and son Miles who lives in Switzerland.

Alan Sinclair Lucy: 25-10-2023

Private Alan Sinclair Lucy. Alan passed away suddenly on 25th October 2023. Alan was one of the original members of the Rhodesian Light Infantry and served with A Company between 1961 and 1963. The Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association Australia/New Zealand Branch and its members extend our sincere condolences to Brenda, family members and friends.

George Carmichael: 17-10-2023

George passed away on 17 October in Harrold, north of Bedford. George was an associate member of the association who regularly attended functions in Bedford. His funeral takes place on 11am Thursday 2nd November at the Harrold and Carlton Grace Baptist Church, 78 High St, Harrold, Bedford MK43 7BH.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Nigel and George. May their dear soles rest in peace.

Kenneth Seiler: 10-10-2023

Craig van Niekerk: 10-09-2023

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Craig - Dad, Grandpa and Husband on Sunday 10th September. He was very loved by all and will always be in our hearts and memories.

Trevor Seton Coleman

727093 Tpr Trevor Seton Coleman 2022. 

Doug Wilkinson: 08-09-2023

Sgt Doug Wilkinson ex 3 commando (1970 to 75) passed away in Cape Town on the 8th of August. RIP Doug, our sincere condolences to his wife Kari and family.

John McKay: 07-07-2023

John McKay passed away on the 7th July in Johannesburg. John served with 3 commando from 1979 to 1980. He underwent the second last SAS selection in early 1980 before joining 6 Recce Commando in Durban. John was born on 9 May 1956 and raised in New Zealand.

Bruce Upton: 09-02-2023

What a day..... Saying goodbye to a super special guy Bruce Upton for the final time. Still feels surreal. How can someone so full of life, and the heart and soul of every party just be gone?! "Brucie babes" made going to work feel like a visit to your family, and having a "Harvey Reunion" feel like a homecoming festival. He was the epitome of my brother from another mother. My heart is broken to have lost him. Bruce was so loved by so many. I'm absolutely privileged to call him my friend. A suitable farewell was apt. And what a great send off you had. So much love for this man. To Anita and family, you are always held close. Xxxx Gaynor Tapson

Stephen Bacon: 25-01-2023

Steve Bacon has passed away. He was Churchill class of 1975/6. Ex RLI..soldier of note . RIP friend..condolences to the family

Geoffrey Liversedge: 06-04-2022

Geoffrey (Bill) - QM of the RLI quartermaster store passed after suffering from cancer. He spent 20 years in the RLI, leaving when the unit was disbanded. The RLI was his life and many of the ouens his great friends. This photo was taken at the last dining in night, officers mess, 1980.

Vernon Prinsloo: 09-02-2022

He said ‘ I want to fall asleep with your hand in mine.’
We spoke about the past. How we met again after all these years, our first kiss. I cried, he smiled. We didn't regret anything, we were grateful.
I said ‘I will love you forever!' He returned my words, and softly kissed my hand. When he closed his eyes and fell asleep forever it was with his hand in mine.
Love is really all that matters because everyone comes into this world with nothing other than love and leaves with nothing other than love.
So just love….Love those that really love you. Love, because there is nothing more important in your life.
Vernon I loved you … and will forever.  Lynda Tozer

Stephen John Biddlecombe: 30-10-2022

Woody Grove: 2022

Frank van Druten: 14-03-2022

Sammy Moll: 2022

Mark "Gus" Condon

Percy Pierce: 2023

Charlie Callagher: 2023

Ian "Tufty" Bates

Lieutenant-Colonel Ian R. Bate, MLM

Served as Commanding Officer 1RLI -26 June 1978 to 3 December 1979

Ian ‘Tufty’ Bate was born in Dublin in 1942 of a Scottish mother and an English father and was educated at Churchill School, Rhodesia. He was commissioned into the Northern Rhodesia Regiment in March 1962 and posted to Ndola’s Tugargan Barracks. On the break-up of the Federation he came south and joined the Rhodesian Army. Click here to read more

William Charles "Padre Bill" Dodgen: 2022

Leonard Hunter Lewis: 27-02-2019

Andrew Holloway: 2017

Len (brother to Bryan), served in Support Commando RLI. Sad to advise, after bravely fighting liver cancer for some time, and without complaint, my Brother Len Lewis, passed away in the early evening of Wednesday 27th February 2019. Len was laid to rest beside his wife Wilma in East London. May he rest in Peace.

Andrew was in the 2nd last RLI intake, posted to 1 commando

Other members that have passed away


Barrett- Hamilton: Brian

McMaster: David
Lockley: Richard "Dick"                  

Ivison: Terry

Stoltzer: Leon

Byron: Christopher 

Pearson: Trevor

Boardman: Neville

Moseley: Mike

Vazquez-Bruno: Edgardo 

Renders: Tony

Carmody: Tim

Hallows: Charlie

Taylor: Peter

Pearce: Chris "Dumpy"  

Graham: James 

Fairlie: Ron

Johnson: Mark

Stidston: Michael Ronald                                                            

Rooken-Smith: Bruce
Forrester: Albert "Forry"

McVey: Ron 

Barrie: Stephen

Hodgson: Percival James "Percy" 

MacArthur: Lain Charles Wilson

Momson: Leonard "Len" 

Mostert: Reg "Mossie"                                                                                                               

Potter: Keith

Richardson: Charlie 


Miller : Chris
Naestead : John
Nel : Johan "Jay"
Austin : Gordon
Zangel : Stan
Herbst : Chris
Murray : Clive
Abbott : Paul
Sher : Melvyn "Sonny"
Coutts : Gavin
Bonner : Vaughn "Stretch"
Burt : Terry
Cawthorne : Brian "Lofty"
Cauvin : Allen
Edwards : Anthony
Danielson : Graham
Turner : Craig
Maas : Kevin
Taylor : Gary
Upton : Michael
Bezuidenhout : Bez
Cooper : Major
Scott : Eddie
Jackson : Neil
Slabbert : Lockert
Pierson : John
Stent : Richard
Theunissen : Michael
Rushforth : Basil
Peart : Mick
Gallagher : Paddy
Stanton : Pete
Hammond : Stewart
Wentink : Lewis "Les"
Lotter : Reginald
Kriel : Neil
Scott : Charles
Carswell : Ian
Kirkman : John
Denning : David
Gladwin : Vic
Godwin : Willian Brig
Desfountain : Trevor
Farmer : Kim
van Schalkwyk : Danny
Gawthrop : Peter
Dunmow : John
Stapelberg : Phillip
MacKay : Fraser
Aust : John "Charlie" Lt Col
Walker : Brig.
Peak : Graham
Woodhouse : Leonard
Pelser : Butch
Longhurst : Derek
Bernhard : Christopher
Van Niekerk : Noel
Burton : Ian
Howard : Anthony
Wake : Martin
van Rensburg : Barney
Night : Richard
Moran : Neil
Shoultz : John
Sevenster : Tiny
Devenish : Tony
Bawden : Barry
van Biljon : Ian
Robinson : Ian
Frangaoulis : Nick
Gibb : Malcolm
van Rooyen : Ian
Howell : Henry
Borland : David
Botha : Louis
Steyn : Willie
Binion : Peter
Korb : Rob
Lines : Robert
Kaschula : Eddie
McLaren : Marshall "Mick"
Gee : Glenn
Tennis : Ronnie
Cantle : Nigel
Maidwell : Tom
Shepherd : Ian
Reed : Ian
Stephens : Bruce
Pretorius : Tony
Trigg : Peter
Isaac : Lindsay
Prinsloo : Dave
Chapman : Tim
Waering : Marcus
Daly : Ken
Coats : Gordon
Conn : Peter
van Huyssteen : Elsabie
De Wet : George
Lansdell : Lance
Windrum : Patrick
Tounsend : Blue
Devine : Steve
Lentner : Basil
van Niekerk : Freddy
van der Merwe : Peter
Reid : Buron "Beau"
Fensome : Michael
Lahee : Terry
Jackson : Peter
Shoultz : Trevor
Deer : Derek
Hurley : Bill
Hawtrey : Victor
Botha : Henry
Fritz : James
Parvess : Owen
Hill : Patrick Lt Col
Jaaback : Hinton Col
Spencer : Togo
Ketterer : Zez
Shaw : Ernie
Barkhuizen : Ockert
de Klerk : Dutch
Greenhalgh : Dave
Walters : Stephen
Coleshaw : John
Viko : Maz
Pretorius : Frank
Wood : Rob
Duncan : John
Keown : Anton
Hodgson : Trevor
Finniss : Bob
van Niekerk : Len
van Niekerk : Danie
Botha : Pieter
Robinson : Frank
Carrick : Michael "Chinky"
Watermeyer : Chris
Dolman : John
Moffat : George
Mould : Michael "Pinky"
Berry : Paddy
Capener : Roy
Pfaff : Darryl
Cole : Jon
Pascoe : Howie
Fouche : Ed
Wiper : Joe
Swart : Boet
van Breda : Anthony "Stan"
Galloway : George
Sherman : Pete
Kotze : Terry
Kluckow : Mervyn
Villiers : Pete
Rand : Leon
Opperman : Pieter
Blain : Roger
Griffiths : Cliff
van Zyl : Chris
Meacham : Bob
Marsberg : Trevor
Ventouris : John
Serffontein : Theo
Nimmo : Nigel
Beary : Rory
Authers : Brian
Dace : Colin
Hickman : John Lt. General
Welch : Colin
Hanekom : Wayne
Lang : Pete
Mellet : Tickey
Miller : Terry
Pretorius : Chris Sgt Major
Reid-Daly : Ron. Lt Col
Walls : Peter Lieutenant-General
Mason : Colin
McGrath : Josh
Höpfner : Klaus
Schots : John
Jones : Gareth
Kent : Colin
Sharp : George
Harding : Neville
Werner : Stu
Stokes : Jon
Hawks : Alan
Tagney : Terry
Smith : Ian Prime Minister
Walsh : George
Greenwood : Charlie
Ellison : Rod
van Rensburg : Cliff
Bruchhausen : Colin
Meyers : Vancie
Pearson : Alan
Bartty : Noel
Rowley : Hugh
Foran : John
Vice : Terry
Blakeway : Bill
Kerr : Mike
Perversov : Ronnie
Gerber : Frank
Swift : Tom
Morpuss : Paul
Smith : Bob
Boyd-Sutherland : Alastair Major
Wrottesley : Mark
Neave : Frank
Smith : Bob
Nicholson : Malcolm
Oosthuizen : Carl
Holloway : Gordon
Bartie : Ivor
Riekert : Dave
Davis : Jason
Troddyn : Taffy
McDonald : Pete
Coleman : Coleman,
Traynor : Ian
Before 1979
Gillespie : Ian Ian passed in 2007 in Perth- info provided by David Armstrong
Hutchinson : Rob
Steyn : Danie
Rogers : Chris Chris passed mid 80's - info provided by David Armstrong